Drinking warm water

Drinking warm water can ease symptoms by allowing our digestive tract to function optimally.

We all know the power of water. We know its importance to our body. However did you know that the temperature of the water makes a drastic difference in our overall health?

Incorporating warm water, especially first thing in the morning aides in optimal gut health. Add some lemon in there as well and you have yourself a natural daily detox!

Incorporating warm water can help ease the following symptoms: 

  • Constipation
  • Loose stools
  • Acid reflux
  • Abdominal pain
  • Sinus and chest congestion
  • Period cramping 

There has even been evidence of weight loss with the addition of warm lemon water in our diet. 

The warm water allows our digestive system to not have to work so hard. When you think of cold and ice you think of constriction. When we drink warm water it allows for our digestive tract to function smoothly and effectively. 

Because our immune system is believed to be mostly housed within our digestive system, when that system is working properly our immune system is also able to function optimally. 

Therefore, this routine is especially important as we enter the flu season. The addition of lemon like mentioned before also has a detoxing affect, which as we are indoors more and sweating less we need to continue dextoxing our body in order to maintain health. The lemon does so by naturally flushing toxins that reside within our liver. 

In Chinese medicine, our digestive system thrives on easily digestible foods, warm foods and spices. As the weather gets cooler, we have to focus on ways to warm our internal energy and that is believed to be done with the addition of warm foods and liquids.

That is also partially why we crave these types of things as winter approaches. Our body intuitively knows what it needs just the same as when we crave a fresh salad in the midst of a hot summer day. 

An easy way to implement this routine in your day is to heat water in a teapot or on a stove and put the water in a thermos at night so it's ready first thing in the morning. It should remain warm until morning and takes one less step in your day. 

Beyond the first morning cup, be conscious throughout your day. If you decide to go out for lunch or dinner simply ask for no ice in your drink. For some this may be challenging if they tend to crave ice but rest assured your body will get used to it.

And if you want to take the detoxing a step further, here are some great resources for daily stretching you can add to your routine.


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