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DRM Productions has served Richland County for 37 years and has grown to include CD/DVD duplication, graphic design, web design, digital signage and custom programming.

Jay Miller, chief executive officer of DRM Productions, can recall his first couple of years working for DRM as a freelancer 16 years ago. 

He started off as a programmer and writing code, working with the founders of DRM Dave Damron, Bob Jones and Mike Green. As times continued to change and he stayed with DRM longer, Miller’s position grew to where he now stands today. 

“Dave and Bob's video background with my software and web and technology background kind of merged, and we became something that I don't know that any of us thought about… we're now kind of a full multimedia agency,” Miller said. 

Over the course of 70 years, the advancement of video has pushed the boundaries of how far technology can go. Along with that advancement has been a need from the world to keep up with it, from television to CD/DVD duplication to graphic design. 

DRM has been a staple to the Richland County area as a company that progresses along with the times. At first it started as a video production company in 1984, producing quality television to corporation training videos. Thirty-seven years later, it has grown to include CD/DVD duplication, graphic design, web design, digital signage and custom programming.

DRM Founders

The founders of DRM Productions, Inc., David Damron, Robert Jones, and Michael Greene, from left to right, celebrate Jones' retirement together Thursday. 

“As we keep broadening our horizons with technology and the needs of our clients, we continue to offer the same excellent video production and customer service that gave us our beginning over 30 years ago,” their website says. 

Miller always tells his employees “if it's cool and it's on a computer we're either doing it or figuring out how.” His philosophy is one of the reasons why DRM has continued to remain relevant in the technology field. 

“What we do changes so much,” Miller said. “And I always like to think of the fact that we are always communication focused, so we're helping people communicate better (and) communicate more efficiently. How and who our clients communicate with and how they do it changes and has changed over time.” 

The past two years were a challenge for many of Miller’s clients. Due to the pandemic, they were left with a foreboding question of how to communicate without that physical or personal aspect. However, for DRM that was an easy problem to solve as a company with a good portion of staff having arts degrees or being well trained in the art of communication. 

In the past 19 months, DRM’s retriever digital signage software has come in handy for many businesses over the Richland County area. The digital signage display allows you to send messages to customers, visitors and employees. 

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At DRM, staff are determined to excite the next generation with technology. 

“Being able to help people navigate what today looks like and what tomorrow looks like... our ability to pivot quickly has been a great benefit. In the last 18 months, we've had projects show up, disappear and then reappear all within sometimes the same day,” Miller said. 

In his years of being a high-profile businessman around Richland County, having to overcome many challenges and struggles, Miller still has the courage to face whatever is thrown at him or his company’s way. He knows the responsibilities he has and how his choices impact the morality of his staff. 

“I'm really stubborn,” Miller said with a laugh. “In all honesty, one of my driving factors is the fact that we had a company Christmas party a few years ago (at DRM). As I sat there and there were like 30-something kids sitting there, I look out and I think to myself that all those kids depend on me to make the right decisions, or at least continue making decisions until one is right in order to have a successful Christmas.

“So when I think of the impact that I make on both my staff and then the community—and you look at what's going on—that's what drives me, that's what keeps me going, that's why I do what I do... When you start to see the ripple effect and more ripples show up, that just motivates you to throw more stones.” 

Mechanics Bank presents the Courage at Work series, recognizing it takes incredible courage to start and run a business. As a local and independent bank, Mechanics understands that local businesses are the heartbeat of our community and would like to thank those businesses who call Richland County home.



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