Braxton Daniels

Braxton Daniels

EDITOR'S NOTE: Richland Source asked readers to nominate heroes from the community in the fight against the coronavirus using our Open Source platform. Braxton Daniels was among those nominated.

MANSFIELD -- When the global pandemic is over and folks are able to be among others without worry, the team from Graziani Mulitmedia still want businesses in downtown Mansfield to be around for customers to visit.

So they turned to Braxton Daniels.

Daniels was highlighted through Richland Source's Daily Heroes for building a website to help the Mansfield community see what local places are still able to offer.

Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 4.06.53 PM.png

A screen shot of E-Mansfield, a business looking to help local businesses hold on to customers during the pandemic outbreak.

"We are trying to keep everyone informed (on what each business is doing during the Governor's shut down)," Daniels said. "We still want to have our downtown when this is over."

The Website,, is live now and Daniels said he and the team have been working diligently to discover more businesses that are still able to provide goods and services for residents seeking a carry-out meal. The site is prepared to host listings of professional services, companies, home and garden stores, retail stores and non-profits.

"We're not making a profit from this," Daniels said. "We just want to be a place to help people while we all deal with this coronavirus.

"There are a lot of businesses that are still hanging on by the skin of their teeth. Let's try to support them."

Graziani Multimedia is a business located inside IdeaWorks at 40 West Fourth Street in downtown Mansfield. The marketing agency is headed by Tracy Graziani.

Originally, a Facebook group was created to help local businesses and hungry residents, but after the large response, the group worked on building the website.

Daniels said the vision came together over a few days.


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