Mankind Murals Inc.

MANSFIELD – As Ohio reopens, artists from local nonprofit Mankind Murals will be doing its part to honor the essential healthcare professionals at OhioHealth.

Weather permitting on May 23, a large temporary chalk spray paint art mural will be installed on the exterior wall of OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital, east of the emergency entrance and visible from Glessner Avenue.

Local artist volunteer and nonprofit director Luke Beekman reached out to OhioHealth to discuss the feasibility of temporary public art, in order to create a large mural thanking healthcare professionals on the frontlines of the pandemic. The art installation, called “WE FLATTEN THE CURVE,” is a visual reminder to the community of the significance of having flattened the curve for our community’s public health.

“We were excited at this unique opportunity to show appreciation to our associates and providers as well as thank the community for sacrifices they have made to flatten the curve and stay safe,” said Vinson Yates, president of OhioHealth Mansfield and Shelby Hospitals. 

The wraparound exterior wall design will be approximately 8-10-feet tall and 60-feet wide, comprised of a stencil and spray paint technique. Over 24 layers, spanning over 576 square feet of stencils, will be used to create the massive mural project.

The Spray Paint Technology is a temporary “chalk” plaster spray paint, which will last longer on brick than regular chalk, yet can be removed by power-washing the surface. The mural will depict large artistic profiles of doctors and nurses in front of a long red line of a flattened curve.

The image will also include two large roses, a silhouette of the Mansfield Hospital, a heart with an electrocardiogram line, a healthy pair of lungs, and a symbol of Ohio highlighting Richland County.

In exploring this new temporary medium in partnership with Mansfield Hospital, the non-profit Mankind Murals hopes to bring visual impact, positivity, and a clear message through public art.


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