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The local gym will be open 24/7 and provides a new opportunity for Lexington locals to get fit. 

LEXINGTON — Black Iron Fitness, a 24-hour gym, has opened in Lexington, giving local residents a closer option to consider for their fitness journeys.

Owner Wes Jones opened the new fitness center on June 15 and can’t wait for the Lexington community to discover his pride and joy.

“It’s just kind of been a dream of mine to own my own fitness facility at some point in life,” Jones said. 

He has been passionate about fitness for 30 years, beginning his own fitness journey at 16 years old. Along with his wife, a certified health coach, and his daughter Victoria Jones, C.O.O of Black Iron Fitness, the Christian family wants to help improve the health and wellness of Richland County.

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Black Iron Fitness is located on 124A Plymouth Street and will be open 24/7. 

“I want to see people healthy. I want to see people come in there and see their lives changed," Jones said. "I want people that have been overweight for years and can’t figure out how to fix it to come in and give us the opportunity to fix it." 

One thing Jones thinks will set his gym apart from others is how “personalized” it will be compared to the corporate-owned facilities. He hopes that if his first gym becomes successful he’ll be able to expand in north or east Mansfield. 

 “I’m trying to keep it a lot more personal and not just about lifting weights either," he said. "It’s also about diet and wellness."

Taylor Parnell, a Lexington resident, attended Planet Fitness in Ontario with her best friend prior to Black Iron Fitness. When they found out about the new gym opening nearby, they were eager to sign up for memberships. 

“To have a 24-hour option in Lexington was a big (reason) for us,” Parnell said. 

With kids, Parnell can only find time in the morning, three days a week, to workout. The idea of getting to workout in a gym not too far from her house easily swayed her decision. So far, she has no regrets.   

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Black Iron Fitness can take up to 15-20 members in the gym at the same time. 

“The location and availability is significant, but it’s a small hometown gym and that easily puts a whole different feel than a big corporate company. It’s definitely nice to have something close to home,” Parnell said. 

The gym offers four memberships: Basic, family, discount and couples. To find out more about their memberships and services, visit the website

Black Iron Fitness is located on 124A Plymouth Street and will be open 24/7. 

“I think it’s just a great option for the Lexington area,” Parnell said. “It’s a very active area, and being right on the bike trail too, it’s just a good opportunity for people to get some gym time in while they’re out working out.”


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