A day of peace and love in Richland County

On June 5, 2020, the people of Richland County will celebrate peace and love in Richland County. 

MANSFIELD -- In the midst of the the rumored chaos and threats of violence, a group of people in Mansfield have called for a day of peace throughout Richland County. 

The Facebook event, which over 400 have responded to as of Friday afternoon, can be found here. 

Below is a statement from one of the event's hosts, Lodema M'Poko who writes, "Please feel free to copy and paste the following proclamation to your personal pages, and encourage your friends to share widely. Thank you!"

We the people, of Richland County, proclaim June 5, 2020, to be a day of Peace and Love in Richland County.

We denounce all vigilantes who seek to agitate tensions, and, target protesters and those vulnerable to being unjustly labeled as “looters.” We denounce all other acts of violence, and unnecessary force against those who merely “fit the description.”

We demand equitable DUE PROCESS and balanced, measurable, and reportable acts of justice, in relation to any events associated with June 5, 2020 protests and beyond.

We commit to promoting and honoring peace and love in our homes and community, and resolve to take action.

How you can help keep the peace:

Hang the attached sign, or make your own peace or “#PeaceLove419” signs to hang in your windows to let your vulnerable neighbors know that you’re watching to make sure they have eyes watching as they pass your home.

If you see something: RECORD RECORD RECORD from a safe distance. Do not intervene if it would put you in irrevocable peril.

Unplug if necessary, and if you can, please stay home, and keep your kids there, too, if you can.

Lastly, LOVE ONE ANOTHER! Love on your family and friends a little harder today. We all need it.






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