Glouster Trimble turned coroner and pulled the sheet over Cuyahoga Heights 47-21 in Saturday night's Division VII Ohio high school football state semifinal game.

Neither side could break ahead as the two teams began in a tense 7-7 duel through the first quarter. An intermission tie at 14-14 allowed for a respite as both squads looked to regroup in the locker room.

The Tomcats broke in front at the end of the third quarter with a 27-14 lead over the Redskins, then rolled away to the convincing win in the final period. Cuyahoga Heights finished the year 11-3.

Glouster Trimble carries a 13-1 mark into the state finals. The Tomcats meet McComb (13-1) for the championship. The Panthers beat Fort Loramie 28-14.

McComb spurred past Fort Loramie 28-14

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