Source Mania 2019

The NCAA Division I men's basketball tournament has been one of the most popular annual sporting events in the United States for decades. This year, Richland Source is jumping on the bracket bandwagon. 

The inaugural "Source Mania" bracket competition is presented by Mansfield Motor Group and if you can predict the winner in each of the 63 games, you'll be driving home any car on their lot up to $100,000. 

The best part about Source Mania is that there are over 20 guaranteed prizes for the top 15 finishers from area businesses including Snow Trails, Brennan's Barber Shop, Kingwood Center, Lex Lanes, BW3's, Gionino's, Two Cousins, MVP's, Johnny Johnson, Nelly's Hideaway, B Dry, Joe Behr Plumbing, Deer Ridge, Twin Lakes, Skyway East, Diamond Concrete Polish, Studio 19, In It's Place, The Good Guy Group, Metronome Music, The Roadhouse, David Harmon and Patio Bar & Grille. 


Brackets will be determined by the NCAA selection committee the evening of Sunday, March 17. You'll be able to fill out your bracket here starting at 11 pm on March 17. 

Tuesday, March 19 is when the Tournament officially kicks off with the "First Four," a series of play-in games. In the Source Mania contest, correctly picking the winner of those games will result in tie-breaker points. You'll have until Thursday, March 21 at Noon to completely fill out your bracket. 

Total score is calculated by one (1) point correctly selected first (1st) round games, two (2) points for correctly selected second (2nd) round games, four (4) points for correctly selected third (3rd) round games, eight (8) points for correctly selected fourth (4th) round games, sixteen (16) points for correctly selected fifth (5th) round games and thirty-two (32) points for a correctly selected championship game.

In the event of a tie, the precedence level of the tie-breakers are as follows: 1. The closest combined predicted score of the Total Score and Total Rebounds of the championship game 2. If a tie remains, the total number of correctly selected play-in games breaks the tie 3. If a tie remains, the bracket submitted the earliest will be awarded as the winner.

To kick off the tournament, Richland Source will be holding a special happy hour watch party at City Grille from 3 to 5 p.m. on Thursday, March 21.

Games will be on, we'll be there and all are welcome to join! Richland Source members, as well as Source Mania participants get a free bottle or well drink on us.

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