Senior Spotlights

Senior Spotlights
MaKenna Lynn Kennard

2020 Senior Spotlights are brought to you by School Specialty.

Full Name: MaKenna Lynn Kennard

High School: Shelby

Accomplishments: MaKenna is a talented musician who loves people & brings beauty to everything she touches.

Future Plans: She is a CCP student this year that plans to continue attending NCSC in the fall.

List Of Extracurriculars: Shelby Chamber Choir, volunteers with worship & children's church, works part-time

Favorite Quote: 2 For.4:17

Personal Message To Your Senior: So proud of who you are, MaKenna!

Mother: DeShanna Kennard

Father: Jim Kennard

Other Adult You Want To Recognize: Art & Susan Kennard, grandparents

Other Adult You Want To Recognize 1: Peggie Ragle, Nana

If A Local Photographer Took Your Photo Credit Them Here: Allie Bechtler

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