Senior Spotlights

Senior Spotlights
Jesse James iula

2020 Senior Spotlights are brought to you by School Specialty. 

Full Name: Jesse James iula

High School: Ontario H.S.

Accomplishments: My GPA has averaged 3.5 and above throughout my high school career. I was a scholar athlete and I have also established great relationships with my fellow students and all my teachers.

Future Plans: I plan to further my studies and attend the Akron area electrical technical school and apprentice in the electrical field.

List Of Extracurriculars: Varsity baseball

Favorite Quote: "How do you want to be remembered" - Eddie Kelly

Personal Message To Your Senior: We are so very proud of the young man you are and have become. Your kind soul and caring nature along with your spontaneous sense of humor are qualities that stand out to those around you. You will always be supported, loved and appreciated and most of all, you will always have a place to land when you need to. You are loved unconditionally and always will be.

Mother: Donna Boyette

Father: Richard iula Jr

Other Adult You Want To Recognize: Step-father - Bill Boyette

If A Local Photographer Took Your Photo Credit Them Here: Marco Studios

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