Senior Spotlights

Senior Spotlights
Paige A. Rudolph

2020 Senior Spotlights are brought to you by School Specialty. 

Full Name: Paige A. Rudolph

High School: Galion High School

Accomplishments: 8 yrs. in Band-Drummer

Future Plans: Attending Ohio University in the Fall

Extracurricular: Skateboard, hanging out with friends

Favorite Quote: This One Time at Band Camp

Personal Message To Your Senior: Well wishes for a bright future Paige

Mother: Karen L. Rudolph

Father: Todd S. Rudolph

Other Adult You Want To Recognize 1: Lauren B. Rudolph (sister) she just completed her Junior Year @ Ohio University, going for her Masters in Social Work

If A Local Photographer Took Your Photo Credit Them Here: Lauren Mills Photography

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