How We Got Here

Building a Brand

Creating Beauty

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For nearly four decades, Doug Versaw has worked to make Mansfield beautiful, but last spring, he decided to “take things up a notch.” Versaw and others from the Richland Community Development Group’s beautification sector signed Mansfield up for the America in Bloom program, which has helped places like Logan and Gallipolis, Ohio to brighten up their downtowns and neighborhoods.  

Battling Blight

Building Civic Infrastructure & Making Opportunities

Responding to a labor shortage

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Richland Manufacturing Coalition reports there is a gap between the type of jobs available and the workers equipped to fill them, hence the community needs to be preparing high school students to fill local jobs to give the existing local workforce pathways to become the skilled employees that local employers need.

Case Study: How Mansfield compares to Hamilton, Ohio

CityLab Detroit: How Detroit & other cities approach revitalization

Listening to Students

Mansfield Rising Plan: Idea by Idea

The SXSW Team Blogs

The SXSW Team Blogs