Erin Jones

Erin Jones is the owner of Ginger Snapps Photography. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the latest installment in a series of stories looking at local photographers as their businesses boom during the prom, graduation, and wedding seasons.

CRESTLINE -- Getting a little muddy or having to contort in unusual postures doesn't scare Erin Jones. If that's what it takes to get the shot, then so be it.

The owner of Ginger Snapps Photography is passionate about her work and making sure she captures photos people are proud to display. In fact, that's one of the most rewarding parts of the gig -- seeing her work framed in her clients' homes.

"I also like flipping my camera around and showing somebody what we just got and seeing the look on their face," she said.

Jones, 34, graduated from Crestline High School in 2000.

"I graduated and said, 'I want to live in a big city,'" she said. "And I went to a big city and I lived there for six years and I called my mom and said, 'Can I come back home now?'" she said with a laugh.

So she moved back to the area and married her sweetheart from junior high school, John.

Her fulltime job is working with children as an occupational therapy assistant. Because of her professional background, she's comfortable taking photos of children who have disabilities and encourages any parents who may be reluctant to get their children's picture taken to give her a call.

"I think every family deserves to have really nice family pictures," she said.

Jones got her start in photography during a trip to the Big Apple as a teen. She packed 13 rolls of film at the bemusement of her mother, who told her she'd never use all of that film. As it turned out, she did.

"I had the camera in front of my face pretty much the whole time," she said.

She's self-taught and still learning.

"I am always reading tutorials, watching videos and trying to improve," she said.

She established her business, Ginger Snapps Photography, about two years ago using her stepson, Carter, and daughter, Mila, as inspiration for the name.

"They're both fiery redheads," she said with a laugh.

Last October, she set up studio space in the Holcker Hardware building, which happens to be within walking distance of her home.

"It's been amazing," she said. "I've had such an outpouring of support."

She's done a variety of photo shoots, including headshots for local businesses, fitness photography for a personal trainer in the area, and much more.

Asked if she'd like to make photography a fulltime business, she responded, "I like what I do in the schools. Those kids need that extra support and so I really like being able to fill that void for them, but I do love shooting."

For now, she's going to see where Ginger Snapps Photography takes her -- perhaps a photo road trip.

"I'd love to just drive and take pictures of places and things I have never seen before," she said. 

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