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MANSFIELD -- Though our news continues to be free to read, we are asking you to purchase a membership at the Source today and here's why.

It's no secret the newspaper business is undergoing a huge transformation, and the uncertainties are endless. But two things are clear: national chains are growing larger in search of efficiency, and they are gutting local newsrooms in the process.

Papers in Ashland, Wooster and Loudonville were sold to New York-based Gatehouse Media in January, ending 119 years of local ownership. Papers in Bellville, Galion, and Morrow County were sold in June to a Dallas-based firm, AIM Media. Gannett laid off over 1,000 employees in May, with some of those layoffs hitting Mansfield.

That "grow and then gut" philosophy works for a while, but the net effect is valuable local dollars siphoned out of the communities those organizations serve. Inevitably, that degrades the product and there's little the hardworking newsrooms in those chains can do about it.

What can you do? It's simple, support locally-owned news organizations by subscribing, or purchasing a membership.

Richland Source and our sister publications in Ashland and Crawford counties launched a voluntary membership program in March and we hope you'll join.



The team at the Source consistently serves a mix of fairly reported news that informs - but more importantly - nourishes the community it serves. Through this process, we’ve made an undeniable impact on the civic and cultural life of Richland County and beyond.

If you agree that locally owned, independent news organizations are vital to a community, then please purchase a membership and support our work.

Beyond free access to news articles that everyone gets, there are numerous reasons to join. Monthly member gatherings and receptions build community and civic life. Exclusive op-eds give members a chance to weigh in on local topics, and cool Positively Local coffee mugs … well they’re just very stylish places to keep coffee.

Thank you for being the best group of readers in the country. We’re excited to have you as a member of the team.

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