Open Source Voting Graphic

MANSFIELD -- Calling all Richland Source readers! The newsroom wants you to help assign our next story. 

We've received dozens of questions through Open Source in the past month or so, and the newsroom wants to answer one that you are interested in reading.  

We've narrowed the selection to three questions: 

Whichever question receives the most votes by Sunday, March 17 will be answered in the coming weeks. All of the questions were submitted through Open Source, a platform that gives readers control over the stories we cover.

The process is simple. Anyone can submit questions they want answered about Richland County.

The newsroom will select some questions to answer immediately and put other up for a public vote, where the most popular question will be answered. Then, our staff will investigate and share the answer with you.

Vote above by Sunday, and then submit your own question below. We might choose yours to investigate next.


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