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MANSFIELD — In just a few weeks, the world will usher in a new calendar year that feels much more significant than the past nine new years. 

The year 2020 begins on Jan. 1, and there's already a bit of a frenzy developing over the chance to start fresh in a new decade. It's no Y2K and no fear of a "millennium bug" that will wipe all of our computers, but instead an excitement that feels palpable. 

There's a movement to bring back the "Roaring 20s" aesthetic that was popular a century ago. Across the internet people are completing the "decade challenge" by posting pictures of themselves from the beginning of the decade and present day.

It's natural to reflect on your biggest moments from the past year every Dec. 31, but this holiday season everyone seems to be reflecting on the past 10. 

The new decade got us thinking at Richland Source - what are some of our biggest moments from the past decade? And then we remembered we're only six years old. 

So we have to rely on you, dear reader: In your opinion, what were some of the biggest local news moments from the past 10 years? 

Maybe it was a feature story that pulled at your heartstrings. Maybe your favorite local business had its grand opening. Maybe a breaking news story still haunts you. Whatever the story, we imagine it's something that's made a lasting impact on Richland County. 

Share your memories below, and we'll compile them in a story to ring in the new year. 

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