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MANSFIELD -- We've got our winner: The next question our newsroom will answer in our Open Source series is, "Is there a thrilling history behind the beautiful estate to the west of Mansfield Art Center?"

The question, submitted by a Richland Source reader named Jen, won last week's audience vote with 219 of 416 votes. 

"I pass it daily to and from work, and, man, I would LOVE to see the inside of that place," Jen said when submitting her question via Open Source

The two other competing questions were:

1. What specific area land feature or location was the inspiration for the name "Pleasant Hill" (as in Pleasant Hill Lake and Pleasant Hill Road)?

2. Who owns the empty and neglected property to the left of Phoenix (117 S Diamond I think)? What are the plans for it?

These won't be immediately answered, but they could show up in future voting rounds. 

What's next? 

Richland Source's Tracy Leturgey is already digging into the history of the estate and will report back later this month with her findings. 

And in the meantime, you can submit your own questions about Richland County.

Scroll down to submit a question, and it could be answered next. The newsroom will select some questions to answer immediately and put other up for a public vote, where the most popular question will be answered.

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