Urban Meadows aerial shot

The Urban Meadows development will be located just south of the village of Bellville off State Route 13.

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BELLVILLE -- You can unlock your phone just by looking at it -- why not your house?

Samuel Schrock of Schrock Construction said homebuyers in the new Urban Meadows development will have that option.

"It’ll have a lot of smart technology," Schrock said. "It will be one of the first houses in the U.S., or even the world I’ve been told, that will have facial recognition on the doors."

But it doesn't stop there.

"They’ll have access to the whole house from their phone -- the cameras, the security, the heat, the blinds," Schrock added.

Schrock Construction broke ground on the new neighborhood in December 2019 and recently began the second phase of development. The new road is being extended and excavation work has begun for two model homes. Once the two homes are built, they will serve as a baseline for buyers to creating their own, semi-custom home plans. 

“We’ll be able to do whatever the customer wants if it fits within the look and feel of the community," Schrock said.

Urban Meadows will have 67 half-acre lots available for purchase. Schrock Construction will sell them as home-and-lot combinations to ensure a consistent aesthetic throughout the neighborhood. All homes will be designed with energy efficiency in mind.

Nevertheless, prospective buyers can still have a say in the design, size and features of their home. The minimum size available for will be 1600 square feet for a ranch and 2200 square feet for a two-story. Smart technology in the homes will be optional.

Schrock said final prices for the homes have not been determined, but he hopes to keep them between $300,000 and $400,000. Prices will vary some depending on the size and features people choose for their home.

Schrock Construction has not announced when home-lot combinations will be available for sale, but the company hopes to unveil its two model homes within the next four to eight months.

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