EDITOR'S NOTE: This story was written in response to reader-submitted questions through Open Source, a platform where readers can ask Richland Source’s newsroom to investigate a question.

SOS: We need your help choosing which story to tackle next. 

Our readers consistently submit dozens of questions through Open Source, a platform where you can ask the Richland Source newsroom to investigate something you've always wondered.

We've already answered questions like, What happened to Swagelok’s operation at Lexington Industrial Park? How does Richland County do contact tracing for COVID-19? and What's the latest on Butler's new wastewater treatment plant?

Now, we want our audience's help to choose our next story assignment. We've narrowed the selection to three questions submitted through Open Source: 

Whichever question receives the most votes by Wednesday, May 26 will be answered in the coming weeks. 

Anyone can submit a question you want answered about your community. Our newsroom will select some to answer immediately, others will be put up for a public vote, where the most popular question will be answered.

Vote above by May 26, or submit your own question below. We might choose yours to investigate next.

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