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Richland County Administration Building (Richland Source file photo)

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story was written by collecting responses through Open Source, a platform where readers can share ideas with or ask questions to Richland Source’s newsroom.

MANSFIELD -- To kick off the new year, Richland Source asked its readers to come up with resolutions for Richland County. 

We asked, "What changes would you like to see in Richland County to make your life and your community better in 2019?"

The answers varied. Some were interested in jobs and new businesses, while others wanted to see decreased crime and overdoses.

1. For Richland County to add more jobs with livable wages.

"Bring in some tech company or other, like jobs to keep some of our young people here in the county," one reader said in a Facebook comment.

Two others mentioned jobs, too. One was sure to clarify exactly what she wanted.

"Jobs with a pay starting at livable wage," she said. 

Yet another, requested, "Stop building dollar stores." 

The Richland Area Chamber of Commerce received similar feedback on a Facebook post of its own, asking "What is one thing you wish for Richland County in 2019?" 

"Employment that doesn't have the word 'dollar' in the name," one commenter said. 

Another asked for, "a company that would employ maybe 500 or more people... Something to jump start our economy and give back to the community." 

One woman hopes to see the "miracle mile" on Park Avenue revived. 

"It’s a shame that we have so many empty buildings here ... the same with the Appleseed area on Lexington Avenue," she said. 

Others were more specific in their requests. Commenters mentioned a desire for Richland County to have a Trader Joe's, Ruby Tuesday (which was in Ontario earlier this century), Big Boys, Chick-Fil-A, Jimmy Johns, Whole Foods, a roller rink and a place like Dave and Busters. 

2. For Richland County to decrease crime and overdoses.

Two readers hope to see the drug situation in Richland better under control. 

"At least slow down crime and overdoses. There's always hope," one commenter said. 

3. For Richland County to elect and re-elect leaders who listen.

"In the upcoming election, I think we Richland County residents should work on electing (and re-electing) representatives who will truly listen and represent us," reader, M.T. Mount said. 

4. For Richland County to learn from other places.

"We borrowed a fascinating book (Ariel Foundation Park) from the library about how the old PPG site in Mount Vernon was converted to a park," reader Deborah Mount said. "In the book, it talked about how the man who spearheaded the project found a way to have the vast slab removed and ground for $5 a ton.

"Then he was able to sell it for $7. I have no idea how he did that, but there are so many slabs here that would be ideal."

5. For Richland County to improve its roadways.

"To fix the roads," said one reader. 

6. For Richland County to look towards the future.

A commenter on the recent post by the Richland Area Chamber of Commerce hopes that in 2019, Richland County can look forward the future. 

"For residents to let go of the past, appreciate the good, recognize the potential and accept change," the commenter said. 

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