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"In each and every election, it's your rights, it's your freedoms, it's your interests that are on the ballot."

It can't be overstated. This November's election is crucial, especially in the City of Mansfield.

Residents on Nov. 5 will elect a mayor, the city's CEO, for the next four years, in addition to several members of City Council. 

Richland Source is working on a lot of coverage in the next several weeks. Along with other concerned organizations, we are even sponsoring a major mayoral debate on Oct. 17 between Republican incumbent Tim Theaker and Democratic challenger Don Bryant, currently an At-Large member of city council.

We want to ensure you have the necessary information when you go to the polls on Nov. 5. But we also want to know what questions YOU would ask if you had a chance to sit down and chat with Bryant or Theaker.

Here is your chance. Through Open Source, you can be the reporter. You can help decide which questions get asked and answered.

What issues facing the City of Mansfield do you find most important? What should the next mayor do once the next term begins in January? How should he prioritize the city's financial budget?

In short, what do you need to know before you use Richland County's new voting machines on Nov. 5? Let us know and we will do our best to get those questions answered for you.

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