Lovin It Local

In April, Richland Source was Lovin' It Local at various McDonald's locations and engaging with readers.

MANSFIELD -- As part of April's Lovin' It Local campaign, Richland Source sent a bevy of representatives into various McDonald's locations throughout the region to take the community's temperature on a variety of issues.

Like anyplace else, we heard some good, some bad, and some suggestions.

It's interesting in that some folks are convinced there is no better place to live. Others fall into the anywhere-but-here category. Everyone is on their way to somewhere, but that may not be a location, rather a destination.

"If I wasn't satisfied I'd move," 75-year-old Richard Hoffman said with a laugh.

We caught up with Hoffman as part of a foursome of Bellville natives who were seated at the McDonald's off Ohio 97 on a snowy April Monday morning.

They spoke positively of their community.

Marion Bowman, 91, said it's the people that make Bellville a great place to live.

Roger Norris, 75, agreed. The only thing he'd like to see change are improvements to some of the roads.

"Everybody thinks it's wonderful because everybody wants to live here," said Marjean Hickerson, who moved to Bellville in 1960 from Butler. "It is a nice community."

We caught up with Jim Carter at a Mansfield McDonald's location.

"I think probably the reason we moved here was because of that there's a lot of things that you can do -- a lot of attractions ... a lot of nice golf courses," said Carter, of Mansfield. "Don't drive very far to go to Columbus or Cleveland, but you still have the small-town feel. So the people in my opinion are one of the reasons we stay.

"We are very content. We've got, we've got good healthcare hospital systems are serving us well.

"Obviously there could always be more services to to the poor," Carter said. "We find that we have to often go outside the community to get resources."

Not everyone was so upbeat. Jazelynn Snyder is looking for relocation opportunities.

"I have been thinking about joining the Air Force just to get out of Mansfield because I just can't. It's such, it's like bringing me down," Snyder said. "It's like a black cloud. There's nothing good here. Nothing to do on the weekends."

Mansfield's Rod Galloway was at the Ontario McDonald's when we asked him about that very same topic.

"It would be nice if there were a rec center available 24 hours per day," Galloway said. "Just someplace where the kids could come in and bowl or play ping-pong, something to get them away from home and off their phones.

"A summer playground just helps the whole atmosphere of the town. People feel better about themselves if something new is being built."

Roger Davis concurred.

"Something like Pickleball out at Marshall Park," Davis said. "The kids today need something to get them off their computers. You just can't get them off their technology and off their phones today."

Noah Jones and Emily Dech contributed to this story.

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