Mansfield Y Splash Pad

The Mansfield YMCA recently opened a new splash pad for local youngsters. It's just one of the many new, good things happening in north central Ohio.

MANSFIELD -- The internet and its social media culture are amazing things, especially to someone who grew up using manual typewriters for writing, slide rules for calculating and party lines for talking on the phone.

We now literally communicate globally at the speed of sound -- or as fast as the high-speed internet will allow. Good news travels fast.

Sadly, bad news seems to travel even faster, as do negative comments and thoughts. We live in an age where we love to tear one another down, seemingly for sport.

Regardless of positive news developments in a community, someone will take issue with it. You see the comments every day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

Negativity abounds on the World Wide Web. Eeyore of Winnie the Pooh fame would love the internet.

"Nothing will work. This will fail. There is nothing to do. This is a joke. Mansfield is a terrible place to live. Nothing good happens here. I can't wait to move away from here ..."

And so on, and so on and so on.

I usually bite my tongue when I see them. And then stop my fingers before I type a pithy online response.

But the simple fact is -- the naysayers are short-sighted, out-of-touch and/or just plain wrong.

I have lived and worked in north central Ohio for almost 30 years, coming here after growing up in the south and then living/working in three other Ohio communities.

I don't recall when there were so many good things going on at once in this area. Yep, you read that correctly.

So many good things.

So many that perhaps we are losing track of them all.

I am proud to work for a media company that understands the true value of covering the positive things that happens in a community. There is plenty of bad news to report. News, by its inherent nature, is often bad. We cover that at Richland Source, Ashland Source and KnoxPages.

But we also report the good. The positive. The things happening in a community that will have a true, long-lasting impact. We actively look for these stories. It's good journalism.

Just to test my theory, I looked back over the past few weeks of stories we have published on our sites. Take a look for yourself:

Efforts underway to help revitalize the Miracle Mile in Mansfield

EPA awards $411K Brownfield grant to clean up former Swan Cleaners

Mansfield City Council approves spending $25,000 for a skatepark design

Hospice of North Central Ohio to break ground on new facility in Ashland this summer

The Knox County Foundation awarded more than $1 million for the second straight year

Richland County commissioners approve $100,000 CDBG request for new roof at Dayspring

Real estate market is booming with more than 200 property sales in last month

Richland County voters will have $2.5 million worth of new voting machines in November

Think there is nothing to do this summer? Try these 100 things!

Mansfield residents will soon have new -- and accurate -- water meters as part of a $17.3 million project

Ontario officials visiting Washington, D.C. to actively market the former GM property

New manufacturer coming to Lexington and bringing 60 jobs with it

10 Richland County students honored for their courage

Mansfield YMCA just opened new splash pad

Mansfield Art Center recently broke ground on new educational wing

That is all in the last month, folks. Right here in OUR backyard. That's just a taste. Dig in yourself and you will find even more.

So the next time you see someone post on social media there is nothing good happening in north central Ohio, feel free to tell them they are wrong.

And now you have the news to prove it.

City editor. 30-year plus journalist. Husband. Father of 3 grown sons and also a proud grandpa. Prior military journalist in U.S. Navy, Ohio Air National Guard. -- Favorite quote: "Where were you when the page was blank?"

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