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This year, I voted in Ohio using the Absentee Voting process. Without requesting one, the Ohio Secretary of State’s office sent me an Absentee Ballot Request form which I could either complete and submit or ignore if I planned to vote in person.

Since I chose to vote absentee, I completed and mailed the form which required a good bit of information including name, legal signature, address, date of birth, one of three options for proof of identification and more.

Within a week or two I received my ballot which I completed and deposited in a designated drop box. This was a simple process and gave me the confidence that my vote would be counted. Thanks Ohio!!

However, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, it appears that numerous states took matters into their own hands, abandoning laws established by their legislature (per the U.S. Constitution) with thousands if not millions of ballots being mailed to their registered voting database. When received by the state, the ballots were then processed despite any number of discrepancies (many being illegally corrected on the spot).

This lack of following the established process opened the door to massive fraud with ballots being cast by deceased citizens or voters who had relocated to other states. Some ballots were also received beyond deadlines but processed anyway. Unfortunately, once these ballots were entered into the system it would be almost impossible to go back and revalidate them. And, if states did perform a “recount” it would just be recounting the invalid votes.

Therefore, the initial validation of ballots was critical to fairly processing the ballot. And, by not allowing the designated observers to be close enough to monitor that process, it basically facilitated a ballot processor to possibly take the liberty of entering a ballot that was not valid. Additionally, in a few cases, security cameras revealed some suspicious activity regarding ballots that took place “after” observers were removed from the room.

The bottom line is that the potential for voter fraud was enhanced by states not following the laws established by their state legislature with the extent of fraud being difficult to determine once the ballot was processed. Republican attorneys did their best to expose hundreds of examples of fraud with witnesses who signed sworn affidavits.

But, when these issues were brought before a court, they were summarily rejected in part for what the court determined was “lack of standing.” Even the Supreme Court of the United States rejected an effort by Texas and more than a dozen other stated that claimed accepting the fraudulent votes ultimately discounted the valid voting conducted in their state.

In all fairness, one would think that at least “one” of the judges or the Supreme Court would rule that the state in question must take whatever action necessary to validate ballots; but that did not happen.

Most pundits and elected officials when questioned regarding voter fraud readily admit that it does exist, but without any evidence quickly concluded that it was not enough to change the outcome. Really! How could they come to that conclusion without the benefit of a statistical analysis to validate every ballot cast?

Could it be a few hundred or were there thousands?

It appears we will never know the answer to this question UNLESS the state legislatures, judges, or Supreme Court dictates that it be done. And, in the meantime, the supposed “President Elect” is moving as fast as possible to setup his new administration and project that any claims of fraud are unfounded and that its time to concede and move forward.

The issue here is relatively simple. The Covid 19 pandemic set up a situation that potentially resulted in massive voter fraud which the courts have dismissed without seeking further evidence. Some states stuck to their laws and conducted fair elections (like Ohio), while others took the liberty to make any number of untested and unauthorized changes to the process.

So, until a statistical analysis of ballots cast in those states is conducted which identifies invalid ballots, we will never know… which seems to be fine with one side of the aisle.

Voting in the United States of America is a “sacred” right outlined in the 15th Amendment (Amendment XV) of the US Constitution which “prohibits the federal government and each state from denying a citizen the right to vote based on that citizen’s race, color, or previous condition of servitude.”

What it does not grant is the right of any citizen to falsely cast a ballot in any manner.

The right to vote and elect those who represent us in Congress or as President of the United States is so important that potential voter fraud should be taken more seriously that it appears to be taken in this election, which is as “un-American” as it gets. The American public needs to have confidence that the voting process is free and fair.

Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case in several states and will forever cast doubt on the legitimacy and ability to lead effectively by this President Elect.

Rich Green

Mansfield, Ohio

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