Plymouth FFA

The Plymouth FFA volunteered to help in the clean-up after the Shelby tornado.

SHELBY -- Residents of Shelby, especially the neighbors of Plymouth-Springmill Road, have a soft spot for the Richland County road crew.

Large trucks and a huge chipper showed up shortly after the tornado hit this area and the crew worked long hours to pick up the pieces. Within three days the road crew had the area clear of fallen trees.

Volunteers from numerous churches, students on spring break, area FFA Chapters, and business establishments came to the rescue with food, water and assistance picking up debris. Folks from Ground Up Tree & Landscaping and Davis Home & Improvement also volunteered their service free of charge to help clean the neighborhood.

A special recognition to Aiden, Austin, and Skyler Winters, Miles Hall and Maddy Stumbo who spent an entire day during their spring break clearing debris from yards and farm fields.

It would make a huge list to note everyone and every establishment that assisted with providing food, but a thanks also should go to the service departments of the City of Shelby, Core Community Church, First Presbyterian, Ted & Ali's, Sweet Dreams Bakery, and Subway.

Thank you Shelby and the surrounding area for being so supportive to a community in need!

Janet Kehres

Shelby, Ohio

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