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Many residents received a mailer from the dark money group Growth and Opportunity PAC. Because local residents have received similar out-of-town lobbyist propaganda in the past, my suspicions were triggered immediately.

What do they want? Why do they care about this election so much? What industry is supplying their money? Why are they pouring thousands of dollars into a primary election against two Republicans?

I urge everyone to research the Kentucky-based group Growth and Opportunity PAC. It is really quite shocking to discover their ties to Ohio, both in the business sector and in the political process.

Ask questions of your candidates. I did. What I learned from Nathan Martin directly is that he has earned endorsements from groups such as Ohio Value Voters, Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio, and Bikers for Trump (odd for the accusations made, right?), an AQ

rating from the Buckeye Firearms Association, as well as the only candidate to receive a “Conservative” rating by iVoter Guide.com. He has been open to discuss each accusation made, making it readily available to view on his Facebook page, Nathan Martin for State Representative and VoteNathanMartin.com.

I am disappointed that this race has come to such low blows. It seems that no one is safe from attack when they stand up for local interests over special interest trolls. I look forward to hearing back from Commissioner John regarding this, but she has yet to respond to my inquiry.

On March 17, I hope that local Republicans keep in mind that their party once believed in limited government, where power belongs to the People, and choose to set a precedence once again that crony corporate mouthpieces don’t speak for us.

Cara Fitzgerald

Lucas, Ohio

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