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On Nov. 12, 2020 the Richland County Commissioners questioned why restaurants, bars, and fitness centers would be ordered to close by the state.

Over a month later, Richland County is the only county out of 88 in the state still at a Purple (Level 4) designation due to the rampant spread of Covid-19.

Along with their cavalier attitude to the seriousness of Covid, the commissioners have also supported an anti-scientific and dangerous theory. From not wearing masks to a complete lack of leadership and empathy for their community, the Richland County Commissioners have been yet another level of government failure.

At the Federal level, we can’t get decent stimulus support, unemployment support, or healthcare during the pandemic. At the state level here in Ohio, we have a governor who is focused on walking such a fine line that he has managed to anger both parties. Meanwhile, the state legislature’s Republican majority is just as bad. They’ve been anti-mask, anti-virtual testimony, and pro-spreading Covid for months.

Don’t question why Richland County is the worst in the state for Covid, it’s clear when you look at the lack of support from all levels of our government. The county has continually voted for conservatives who work against the interests of the area, and now we are paying a deadly price.

Sarah Fernandez

Mansfield, Ohio

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