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Today me and my dad and mother went to Oak Grove Cemetery in Lexington to put a few holiday wreaths on some loved ones.

Me and my Dad saw many many graves with tree branches that were very clearly cut down and left on people for months.

We picked up as many branches as we could and got in the car to put another wreath on another loved one when we looked over at a grave that’s suppose to be a veteran. The grave was covered all over the head stone. You couldn’t tell anyone was there and the veterans marker was knocked over.

So we put it back and cleaned off more graves. But there were still many graves covered with cut down branches on graves. It was so bad you couldn’t even see the poor people's graves.

There were graves sunk in and headstones that nobody has taken care of them and tried to fix them. It was quite sad.

So if you have loved ones there you care about you may want to pay a visit to the cemetery.

Payton Shade

Mansfield, Ohio

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