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Dear Editor,

I’m responding to a Letter to the Editor which mentioned Carroll County, Ohio, where I live and serve as the Executive Director of both the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce and the Carroll County Convention & Visitors Bureau which painted our community as an “example of devastation” — as a direct result of the oil and gas industry.

The letter was both insulting and factually untrue.  The author of the letter said “one needs only to visit Carroll County or any other nearby areas to witness firsthand these issues.”

Well, as someone who does actually live in Carroll County, I too encourage the readers of the Richland Source to visit Carroll County and other nearby areas to witness firsthand the truth about the oil and natural gas industry.

You’ll find that Carroll County has and continues to boast scenic drives with beautiful rolling hills, farmland galore, beautiful lakes and fishing, boating and hiking trails throughout. And yes, there have been a lot of changes too, as the oil and gas industry has become one of our key industries alongside agriculture, manufacturing and tourism. 

The oil and gas boom in Carroll County has been extraordinary. 2013 sales tax revenues increased by 70 percent versus 2011 ($3.2 million vs. $1.9 million). Two new hotels have been constructed in the county. Drilling companies have spent $40 million upgrading township and county roads.

In addition, we have a new school being built, thanks to a new natural gas power plant.

To be clear, our county is not an “example of devastation” and as the executive director of the Carroll County Convention & Visitors Bureau, I would invite each and every reader down to our beautiful county any time.

Please come see for yourself that the statements made are simply untrue. I too encourage readers to “Learn facts about fracking to make an educated decision” and the recent Letter to the Editor on fracking was not at all factual.


Amy Rutledge


Carroll County Chamber

Carroll County Convention & Visitors Bureau

Carrollton, Ohio

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