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MANSFIELD -- Ten percent of Richland County's total COVID-19 positive-test cases have taken place in the past two weeks, according to a Friday update of statistics provided by Richland Public Health.

Since the first case on March 19, 2020, Richland County has had 12,470 confirmed positive pandemic cases with 4,132 probable cases for a total of 16,602 cumulative cases. Of that total, 1,691 new cases have been reported in the past two weeks.

"Two weeks ago there were 1,500 cases," said Public Health Educator Reed Richmond, "and at the time it was 11 percent of total cases."

There are 2,500 active COVID19 cases in Richland County, Richmond said. That figure is the most Richland County has registered since Dec. 11, 2020 when the figure reached 2,800.

There have been 791 hospitalizations (up 45 cases in two weeks) There have been 240 confirmed pandemic deaths (death data within 120 days may be preliminary and subject to increase due to CDC verification).

There have been 13,860 people on the cumulative list that have recovered.

Ohio has 1,132,817 confirmed positive pandemic cases with 247,553 probable cases for 1,380,370 total cases (94,613 cases in the last two weeks). Ohio has 21,817 pandemic deaths (670 in the last two weeks).

There are or have been 71,606 individuals hospitalized in Ohio (3,651 in the last two weeks) with 9,346 ICU admissions (308 in the last two weeks). Ohio’s presumed-recovered count is 1,229,664.

The U.S. has 42,718,993 cumulative pandemic cases. U.S. cumulative deaths: 685,129. In the Last 28 days: 4,127,186 cases and 48,974 deaths.

Global cumulative pandemic cases: 230,846,434 cases with 4,732,554 pandemic deaths. In the Last 28 Days: 15,820,552 cases and 252,831 deaths. Total global COVID-19 vaccine doses administered: 6,041,280,989.

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