A section of Peterson Road in Mifflin Township, between Pugh Road and Harlan, has been closed by Richland County Sheriff deputies. 

MIFFLIN TOWNSHIP — Authorities pleaded with a man inside a house on Peterson Road for hours Wednesday before the standoff ended in a rapid volley of gunshots. 

Law enforcement called for a medic and an ambulance left the scene shortly thereafter. 

Richland County Sheriff Steve Sheldon declined to identify the suspect and delayed comment until the office issued a press release. 

A section of Peterson Road in Mifflin Township, between Pugh and Harlan roads, was closed by Richland County Sheriff's Office deputies as law enforcement pleaded with the suspect to exit the house.

The Mansfield Police Department SWAT team, a unit that features officers from multiple jurisdictions, responded to the scene.

In the hours before and during the standoff at 3340 Peterson Road, the suspect posted videos to the YouTube channel "SgtBullDog." Video footage shows an armored SWAT vehicle in the man's front yard, and law enforcement can be heard in the background asking the suspect to "come out with your hands up." 


The SWAT vehicle in the front yard of the man's house, according to a video on YouTube. 

However, in the same video the man says "I'm not going peacefully" and muses "where's my f-cking machete" off-camera while the SWAT team continues to communicate in the background. 

"There's literally a SWAT team in my yard," he says. "Men are trying to grab me, and I've done nothing wrong, folks," he said. "I'm preparing for war." 

In a three-second video posted at approximately 4 p.m. the man is shown with tears in his eyes and mucus running from his nose. A reporter observed gas being shot towards the house at approximately 3:45 p.m. 

According to records from the Richland County Auditor, the property at 3340 Peterson Road is owned by Margaret Puckett and Jeannette Koehler. 


A screenshot of Sean Rowe from one of his YouTube videos. 

Jail records from the Richland County Sheriff's Office show Jeannette M. Koehler was booked in jail on July 30 on charges of carrying a concealed weapon, expired registration and improperly handling a firearm in a motor vehicle. 

Multiple videos posted on the suspect's YouTube channel reference an alleged "conspiracy" within the Richland County Sheriff's Office, and claim that Koehler, who the subject refers to as his wife, was arrested on false charges.

Videos from July 5 on the "SgtBullDog" YouTube channel show another standoff with the Richland County Sheriff's Office. 

A 32-minute video titled "Last Entry?" posted to the suspect's YouTube channel on Aug. 1 shows the man detailing his work history and military experience. He invited law enforcement to "come get him," saying "we'll have a standoff and the whole world will see." 

He also references his wife's late father, Richard Puckett, who passed away on Jan. 26 at Avita Ontario Hospital. Puckett's obituary references his wife, Margaret Puckett and daughter Jeannette Koehler. 

Videos from the past hour show the man claiming he hasn't done anything, drinking tequila and commenting on the scene outside. 

"I guess we're all about to die. Because I refuse to live in a world where this s--- is going on," he said. 

The suspect was identified by a local hunter as 38-year-old Sean Rowe. 

A Facebook account with the name "Sean Rowe" has a profile picture that matches the profile picture of the YouTube account "SgtBullDog" that continued to post videos throughout the standoff on Wednesday. 

Kenric Smith, of Lucas, said he observed Rowe on Peterson Road on Sunday wearing camouflaged pants and carrying a machete and a pistol-grip 12-gauge shotgun. 

"I was just driving through here looking for bucks ... this crazy guy is walking down the road, you see a machete hanging off one side and a 12-gauge shotgun hanging off the other," Smith said.

According to Smith, Rowe flagged him down in front of his house, saying "They took my wife" and ranting about his wife's ex-husband. Smith thought Rowe was a "country guy" who needed a friend.

"I ended up talking to him like 'Dude, you need to calm down,' " Smith said. "You need to get the hell off the road. You're going to end up in jail or you're going to get shot." 

Smith said he spent time with Rowe until midnight Sunday night, drinking together. 

"I've been thinking about it every day," he said. "I'm like, I've got to help this guy. Like, something's going to happen, he's a loose cannon.

"You know, you have a fricking conscience," he said. "I'm not going to leave this guy hanging ... I tried to get here in time."

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