A new proposal brought before city council nixes the pit bull ban in Mansfield. 

MANSFIELD -- The Mansfield Safety Committee will convene Tuesday, July 25 at 6 p.m. in council chambers to discuss proposed amendments to the city's ordinance concerning dangerous and vicious dogs.

As part of the proposal, pit bulls would no longer be classified as vicious dogs, which had been prohibited in city limits.

But after an Ohio Fifth District Court of Appeals ruling that declared another Ohio city's breed-specific legislation as unconstitutional, the city has temporarily lifted its pit bull ban, according to Law Director John Spon, who told the Mansfield Police Department to stop enforcing the city’s pit bull ban last month.

"The Fifth District Court held that a ban cannot be upheld -- it did not address an issue of whether or not a city retains home rule powers to have breed-specific legislation. That issue has never been decided by the court of appeals," Spon said at a previous council meeting.

Mayor Tim Theaker said the proposed legislation, which can be viewed below (click to see it in full), is not etched in stone and can be easily changed and modified, he said.

At its meeting Wednesday night, council tabled the proposal indefinitely.

More discussion regarding the legislation will be had at the upcoming safety committee meeting.

In other news, council approved the demolition of 263 Remy Ave.

Council also approved vacating a portion of an unnamed alley from Park Avenue East to Ashland Road. 

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