Biking to Work

Jay Allred (left) and Brad Gilbert (right) travel Carpenter Road on their way to work in the downtown Mansfield area during the 2015 Bike to Work event.

MANSFIELD, Ohio — In preparation of installing a 5.73-mile bike loop through Mansfield’s streets, Richland Moves! issued a condensed version of rules for the road — both for motorists and bicyclists.

“Safety is imperative to us. The worst thing that could happen is for someone to be injured or killed during the initial start up of the route,” said Shogren at Richland Moves!’ meeting earlier this summer.

For Bicyclists:

1.) A bicycle is a vehicle and cyclists must obey the same laws that apply to motorists.

2.) Bicycles must be ridden in the right half of a two-way roadway. Cyclists should ride in the right tire track of motorists except when making left turns. For left turns, carefully move to the left side of the right lane and stay right of the center line.

3.) Cyclists should not ride on sidewalks. If riding on a sidewalk is the only option, reduce speed to avoid striking pedestrians, fixed objects and vehicles pulling into and out of streets and drives.

4.) A cyclist must signal turning and slowing intentions with hand signals. For left turns, the left arm is extended horizontally. For right turns, the right arm extends horizontally. For stopping or decreasing speed, the left arm and hand are extended on a downward angle. A bicycle operator is not required to make a signal if the bicycle is in a designated turn lane, and a signal shall not be given when the operator's hands are needed for the safe operation of the bicycle.

5.) Cyclists should maneuver in a predictable path by maintaining a straight line when passing parked cars or avoiding storm drain covers.

6.) Lights, either flashing or steady, are required to ride at night along with bright and reflective clothing. A red reflector is required on the back of the bike.

For Motorists:

7.) Share the road with bicycles. The bicyclist has the same right to use the public road as any other driver, except freeways.

8.) Maintain a safety zone of approximately three feet between the car and the bicyclist.

9.) Pass a bicyclist only when it can be done safely.

10.) Leave ample room when turning right after passing a bicyclist so the bicyclist is not cut off when the motorist slows for the turn.

(Source: Digest of Ohio Motor Vehicle Laws.)

Shogren said these rules will be made available in printed pamphlets that will be placed in downtown shops.

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