board of elections

MANSFIELD -- The Richland County Board of Elections on Tuesday certified the ballot for November, approving all issues and candidate petitions, except for one person seeking a seat on the Crestview School Board.

According to Paulette Hankins, elections director, the petition filed by Brian Robertson only had 23 valid signatures, two short of the required 25.

"I had left a voicemail with Mr. Robertson on July 23, informing him that he could withdraw his candidacy and circulate another petition if he so desired. Our office never had any further contact with him," Hankins said.

Hankins said all other petitions and issues were certified and will be on the Nov. 5 ballot, as previously reported by Richland Source.

Hankins said the board also approved a few polling location changes Tuesday.

"We will be doing a press release on those at a later date. We will not be making any more polling location changes before November, or even before the presidential elections next year, unless something unexpected occurs," Hankins said.

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