Richland County Regional Solid Waste Management Authority

The Richland County Regional Solid Waste Management Authority is located at 1125 National Parkway in Mansfield. 

MANSFIELD -- The Richland County Regional Solid Waste Management Authority has announced a 30-day public review and comment period for the Richland County Solid Waste management plan update.

The period begins on Feb. 15 and will extend through March 16. The RCRSWMA Board of Directors will conduct a public hearing on March 16 at 3:15 p.m. at the RCRSWMA offices at 1125 National Parkway.

The plan under which the RCRSWMA is currently operating was approved by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency in 2014.

As required by law, the RCRSWMA has reviewed and updated the plan. RCRSWMA is required to show access to recycling opportunities for 90 percent of the population by a combination of curbside recycling provided to subscription and non-subscription residential customers and drop-off recycling provided at stationery recycling bins and mobile recycling trailers provided by the RCRSWMA.

The plan also recognizes the contribution of drop-off and buy-back recycling provided by private recycling and waste management businesses.

As in previous plans, the authority has chosen not to designate facilities to which waste generated in Richland County must be taken. This plan demonstrates adequate disposal capacity for the entire planning period, 2020 through 2034.

RCRSWMA does not plan to construct any landfills, incinerators, or transfer facilities during the planning period.

The current generation fee of $7.50 for each ton of municipal solid waste generated in Richland County will be continued until Jan. 1, 2032 when the fee will be $8.50 per ton unless changed in a subsequent plan update.

RCRSWMA received $1 per ton for each ton of out-of-district and $2 per ton for each ton of out-of-state waste disposed of in the Noble Road Landfill by contract with the facility’s owner.

The contract will continue through the entire planning period. There is a contingency in the plan to raise the generation fee by an additional $4.75 per ton if the Noble Road Landfill closes resulting in the loss of the contractual fee.

RCRSWMA funds will be spent on planned programs with emphasis of waste reduction and recycling education, technical assistance, and providing recycling opportunities. The RCRSWMA will expend funds to monitor and maintain the closed Richland County landfill.

The proposed plan is available for public review at the Mansfield-Richland County Library in Mansfield, at the Marvin Memorial Library in Shelby, at the Richland County Commissioners’ office in Mansfield, at the RCRSWMA office at 1125 National Parkway in Mansfield and on the RCRSWMA website

Written comments can be sent to the attention of Eddie Hale, executive director, at 1125 National Parkway, Mansfield, Ohio, 44906. Comments must be received by close of business March 16, 2020.

Questions and comments may be made in person at the public hearing. Call the RCRSWMA at 419-774-5861 with questions regarding the plan, the comment period, or the public hearing.

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