Danger cans

The Phoenix Brewing Company has announced its release of the Danger City Brown Ale in 16-ounce cans.

MANSFIELD -- The Phoenix Brewing Company has announced its release of the Danger City Brown Ale in 16-ounce cans.

The beer will be available for sale as 4-packs in the Phoenix Brewing Company taproom starting Sept. 29 and in other establishments soon.

The Danger City Brown Ale, a core Phoenix beer, and the first beer canned by the Phoenix, was originally introduced in 2014.

Brewed with American 2-Row Barley and Chocolate Malts for bold notes of toffee, caramel, and roast, the Danger City pours a dark brown color and finishes with light fruit notes from English yeast. Sessionable, with a low 5.2% ABV and balanced with 30 IBUs.

“We are excited to offer the Danger City as our first can release just in time for fall. It is a great full flavored, sessionable beer that is enjoyable all year long, but pairs very well with football weather. These 16 oz cans are perfect because you get a full pint. And unlike the nickname, the Danger City Brown Ale is not threatening in any way. It is just a solid beer for hard-working people,”  said Phoenix CEO Carmone Macfarlane.

Mansfield had been dubbed “Danger City” in the 70s after businesses abandoned the downtown in favor of the new suburban mall. The Danger City Brown Ale was inspired by the spirit of transformation and the vision of hard-working, industrious people who believed in the power of restoration and revitalized the downtown. This beer celebrates their efforts and perseverance.

The can design embraces Mansfield’s rich history showcasing many iconic buildings from the area, including the Phoenix Brewing Company and features co-owner Steve Zigmund, whose favorite beer happens to be the Danger City. The beers were canned by mobile cannery, Iron Heart Canning in the Phoenix production facility.

About The Phoenix Brewing Company: Founded by local beer enthusiasts looking to bring a craft beer revival to Mansfield, The Phoenix Brewing Company took flight in April 2014 in a restored 1914 mortuary and funeral home near the original pre-prohibition brewery district. The partners have combined their love of craft beer and over 30 years of brewing experience to create an authentic pub experience filled with quality craft beer and live music. The beers are inspired by the history of the building itself and local legends from the Mansfield area. www.phoenixbrewing.com

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