Mansfield Police cruiser

MANSFIELD — An Ohio State Highway Patrol investigation into a June 12 crash involving a Mansfield Police Department cruiser has been forwarded to the law director's office for review.

No charges have yet been filed, according to Mansfield Municipal Court records. Richland Source obtained a copy of the report Tuesday through a public records request.

Trooper Holly Chesnik with the Mansfield Post completed the nine-page report of the crash, which involved Mansfield police Officer Justin Cikity, 31, and Arianna Carver, 22, whose home is in Willard, according to the report.

The report states the accident happened around 8:26 p.m. when Cikity was eastbound on East First Street with lights and sirens activated and collided with a 2007 Kia driven by Carver, who was northbound on Bowers Avenue.

"As Officer Cikity approached the intersection of East First Street and Bowers Avenue, (Carver) attempted to turn left from Bowers Avenue onto East First Street and was struck by (Cikity)," the report said.

Cikity was responding at the time to another officer's call for additional units.

"Traffic on Bowers Avenue has a stop sign and traffic on East First Street has no traffic control device, indicating that traffic on East First Street has no legal obligation to yield to traffic from Bowers Avenue," the trooper wrote in the report.

"Traffic on Bowers Avenue attempting to enter East First Street has to give extra caution to oncoming traffic due to the presence of a hill crest to the west of the intersection and high grass on the southwest corner of the intersection," Chesnik wrote.

The dash cam inside Cikity's cruiser showed the officer reached a top speed of 67 miles per hour, though it shows him slowing as he crested the hill and colliding with Carver at around 55 mph. The cruiser's siren is heard in the video.

Cikity, Carver and a 19-year-old female passenger inside her vehicle were all transported to OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital after the crash. Both Carver and her passenger were wearing safety belts at the time of the crash, according to the report.

Cikity had a broken heel and minor abrasions, according to the report. Carver told the trooper she was treated for a cut to her head, bruised lungs and whiplash. The passenger was treated for head and knee injuries, according to the report.

Chesnik interviewed Carver at the hospital and again on June 14, according to the report.

Carver told the trooper she had stopped at the stop sign, but did not see traffic before entering the intersection. She said she remembered the police cruiser had lights activated and was traveling at a high rate of speed, but didn't recall hearing a siren.

A witness told the trooper said she heard the siren and that Carver did stop at the stop sign. The witness told the trooper that she believed Carver could not see the cruiser approaching due to the tall grass southwest of the intersection.

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