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ONTARIO -- Speedy drivers and others with minor traffic infractions may have the opportunity to turn their traffic infractions into a merry gift-giving.

The City of Ontario Division of Police is staging its Toy Waiver campaign, in support of local children in need. It's the third year the department has taken part in this drive.

"We recognize that there are many children each year who do not get to experience the magic of the holiday season that receiving a new toy can bring," said officer Allie Shepherd.

Shepherd said the department and the Ontario Local School District have partnered to find lower-income families or those who are unable to have a Christmas holiday.

Ontario police officers have been equipped with waivers to issue, at their discretion, to motorists observed committing minor traffic infractions since the start of November.

"While we would prefer that no one violate our traffic laws, we know mistakes happen and wish to partner with the public in making this season a little brighter for area children," said police Chief Tommy D. Hill.

As of Friday, Shepherd said officers have distributed 120 toy waivers  and she believes at least 20 toys have been donated to the department.

"Families are always grateful," Shepherd said. "You can always tell they are thankful. It's a big deal, growing up and getting to have new gifts for Christmas."

The department will continue collecting toys until Dec. 18, she said.

"This is something that we couldn't do without the community," Shepherd said.

Toys must be to be donated must be new and unwrapped. Shepherd said there is  no limit on what items can be given.

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