Josh and Stacey Boggs

Josh and Stacey Boggs, whose life was changed forever during a two-vehicle crash on May 5 at the intersection of Ohio 96/Ganges-Five Points Road, were in attendance last October in Columbus as a the team from OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital won an award for the work they did that day on multiple victims.

COLUMBUS -- Much has changed in Josh Boggs' life in the five months since the May 5 accident at the intersection of Ohio 96 and Ganges-Five Points Road.

He lost two of his children in the crash and also an unborn child being carried by his wife, Stacey, who was critically injured in the crash, resulting in her being hospitalized for weeks and then transferred to a long-term rehab and care facility.

What has never changed is the Shelby man's devotion to his wife. When he was invited to attend an awards event Thursday night for the OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital team that took care of his family, Boggs made sure Stacey was by his side.

Stacey Boggs

Stacey Boggs underwent another surgery on Tuesday related to brain injuries she sustained in a May 5, 2019, crash at the intersection of Ohio 96 and Ganges-Five Points Road.

The local medical providers received a Prism Award from the OhioHealth System for their teamwork in a multiple-victim accident. The awards ceremony, which honored employees and teams across the entire OhioHealth system, was at the historic Ohio Theatre.

The night's program said, "On May 5, 2019, a tragedy struck the Richland County area. After an accident involving 12 victims on the scene, this team responded, setting aside and shining through by providing extremely attentive care. They worked together to manage and care for multiple patients who needed attention from many departments. Being a trauma center means so much more than caring for those who are injured, and this team stepped up when their heroism was needed most."

In his Facebook post on Friday, Boggs wrote, "And the award goes to... I don't remember all of them. But they know us and understand why we might not remember them. They are the medical staff and first responders that helped us on that tragic day on May 5th.

"So here is what happened yesterday. OhioHealth has an elaborate awards ceremony to recognize the best of their 30,000 employees each year. The Prism Awards. We were part of it. We were contracted about their great service being nominated and we wanted to thank them in person. So they made it happen.

"Stacey, Bruce (his son) and I, were to walk out on the stage and present the award to them. Yes, they won for best team effort. From start to finish, they came together. I can't imagine the chaos that must have been going on as our family kept pouring into the ER. But, they made the best of it and for that, I salute you all.

Josh and Stacey Boggs

Stacey and Josh Boggs

"In a situation where God was truly with us, God also put the right people in place to help us. The whole staff came out to Stacey. They are still cheering for her recovery. God lets people make mistakes. God also helps us make the best of a bad situation. I know in time that my wife will return home. People ask me how I can handle that. The truth is, it is so much better then losing her. A story of teamwork in a time of crisis. If we let God bring us together, we can accomplish anything. On a side note. Doesn't Stacey look fantastic?"

Boggs, himself, was badly hurt in the crash with a gash to his forehead, a fractured skull, chipped vertebra and 30 to 40 stitches. His son, Bruce, 14, lost teeth in the accident and suffered a bruised spine, resulting in rehab work for one of his legs.

A stepdaughter, Raina Snavely, had a broken leg and had to get a metal rod inserted, Boggs said. Another Shelby girl, Brandi Bond, a friend of Boggs' daughter, was injured. Stacey Boggs' mother, Drema, was injured.

OhioHealth Mansfield Boggs

Josh Boggs and his son, Bruce, are joined on stage in Columbus on Thursday night by members of the OhioHealth Mansfield team that cared for them after a May 5 accident in Richland County,

The accident occurred after a Sunday church service at 1:26 p.m. when the family was westbound in a minivan on Ohio 96. A Ford F-350 pickup truck, northbound on Ganges-Five Points, blew through a stop sign and slammed into the van, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

No one has yet been charged in accident, which was investigated the Mansfield Post of the Highway Patrol and report submitted to the Richland County Prosecutor's Office.

Crash scene

This was the scene on May 5, 2019, after a two-vehicle crash at the intersection of Ohio 96 and Ganges-Five Points Road in northern Richland County. (Photo provided by the Ohio State Highway Patrol)

Since the wreck, Boggs worked to improve safety at the intersection, which resulted in rumble strips being installed on Ganges-Five Points north and south of the intersection.


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