Mike DeWine

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine on Thursday signed the new two-year state budget bill into law. (Source file photo)

COLUMBUS -- Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine on Thursday signed the recently approved two-year state budget into law.

“I am proud that this budget will significantly impact the lives of Ohioans through its unprecedented investments,”  DeWine said.

“It lays the groundwork for a better Ohio for generations to come. This budget will lead to healthier children, stronger families, safer communities, an enhanced workforce, and a more prosperous Ohio, while also providing significant tax relief for every Ohio taxpayer and regulatory relief for Ohio businesses," the governor said.

The budget, approved with bi-partisan support by both the Ohio House of Representatives and Ohio Senate, supports DeWine’s goal of making investments that will positively impact Ohio’s future.

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The budget provides targeted resources to children and families, as well as to Ohio’s education system, workforce, local communities, environment, and mental health and addiction recovery efforts.

The budget signed today by DeWine included 25 line-item vetoes. 

In addition, DeWine signed an executive order this morning to help improve healthcare price transparency, address surprise medical billing, and expand access to healthcare data.