SHELBY -- Josh Boggs is not claiming any kind of personal triumph over tragedy.

But Friday's confirmation that safety improvements are coming at the intersection of Ganges-Five Points Road and Ohio 96 are exactly what the Shelby man sought after a fatal May 5 accident.

Richland County Engineer Adam Gove said Friday morning the Ohio Department of Transportation has agreed to pay for and install "rumble strips" on both the north- and south-bound approaches to the highway.

The work will be done "in the very near future," said Gove, whose office will assist in the effort with traffic maintenance while construction is done. Richland County commissioners voted to approve the work on Thursday.

Gove said in late May he was working with ODOT on a plan to make the intersection safer.

"Anytime there is a fatality, ODOT and my office will take a harder look at the intersection to see what can be done," Gove said at the time.

The northern, rural intersection of county road and state highway has seen its share of bad accidents, including a fatal crash in 2004. 

Boggs, who lost two children and an unborn child in the most recent accident, has lobbied for improvements since last month's wreck.

The Sunday afternoon collision occurred when a a Ford F-350 pickup truck, northbound on Ganges-Five Points, ran through a stop sign and slammed into the Boggs' family van, westbound on Ohio 96. The investigation into the crash has been sent to the Richland County Prosecutor's office, but not charges have been filed at the time of publication.

"I am not going to be silent. It has to get fixed," Boggs said a week after the wreck. "I guarantee you could get a lot of people to tell stories about that intersection. My family has sacrificed. I want it to count for something. I want something positive to come out of all of this.

"I will say it 1,000 times ... this should not have happened."

On Friday, he expressed gratitude to those who joined his call for increased safety, as well as the assistance of State Rep. Mark Romanchuk, Richland County Commissioner Tony Vero and Gove.

"I have talked to so many people affected by this intersection. (The safety improvements are) a victory for many," said the 42-year-old Boggs, whose wife, Stacey, remains hospitalized from head injuries sustained in the crash.

Gove said ODOT will also pay for new asphalt at the approaches to make the rumble strips more effective and more durable. Ganges-Five Points now has a chip-and-seal surface.

crash scene

A white cross with the Boggs' family name has been added to the site of the May 5 fatal accident at the intersection of Ganges-Five Points Road and Ohio 96 in northern Richland County.

According to Department of Transportation websites, rumble strips are generally perceived to be effective in reducing intersection crashes.

One state study concluded rumble strips may decrease overall crashes by up to 28 percent and rear-end crashes by up 90 percent. Another study indicated that rumble strips installed in rural locations can decrease overall crashes up to 35 percent.

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