Surfin Percy

Surfin Percy

NAVARRE -- Members of the Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force (NOVFTF), along with Navarre Police Department and the Stark County Sheriff’s Office, arrested Surfin Percy, 38, on Thursday afternoon.

Percy was set to stand trial in Cuyahoga County on June 10 for numerous counts of rape, kidnapping and child endangering. On the first day of trial, Percy failed to show up and his bond was forfeited.

Since June 24, members of the NOVFTF have been searching for him.

Officers found Percy hiding at a home in the 6300 block of Pigeon Run Road in Navarre. Percy ran and after a brief foot pursuit, Percy was taken into custody.

Officers recovered two handguns and police identification in Percy’s belongings. Percy will remain at the Stark County Jail until he can be transferred to Cuyahoga.

Investigators are likely to charge an acquaintance of Percy’s after it was learned that person was providing assistance to Percy, knowing he was a fugitive.

“Even on a holiday members of our task force know the importance of getting someone like Surfin Percy off the streets. Percy will now have to stand trial for the crimes he is accused of and his victim should rest better knowing he is in jail," U.S. Marshal Peter Elliott said.

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