Partners Jim Henry and Earl Myers of WOB Accountants and Advisors, a 2020 Richland Source Newsroom Partner.

ONTARIO -- At WOB Accountants and Advisors, licensed CPAs offer business owners and families financial guidance to help them meet their goals. 

“Helping those people be as successful as they can possibly be, understanding and bringing clarity to the financial situation and providing them with strategies and solutions to meet their goals and expectations . . . It’s why I do it,” said Jim Henry, partner and CPA.

WOB Accountants and Advisors offers a variety of services, ranging from financial planning and analysis to fraud prevention to routine management of day-to-day tasks like bookkeeping and payroll.

Whether it’s crunching numbers or reporting the news, Henry believes that the best information and solutions come from local people who care about their community.

That’s why WOB chose to be a 2020 Richland Source Newsroom Partner at the Foundation Level. Its financial support, like all Newsroom Partners and Richland Source memberships, goes directly to newsroom operations.

“It's an important thing to have that local media, people that understand the local context of what it is they’re reporting on,” Henry said. “It's a critical piece to have people who are reporting on the events that they are personally involved in. They have a stake in getting it right and getting the story told in a fair way.”

Richland Source was founded in 2013 by businessman Carl Fernyak, who saw the need for a news organization willing to tell the whole story of life in Richland County.

At a time when many small, local newspapers were shuttering or being bought out by multistate networks, Richland Source was designed to provide an alternative -- a free, easily-accessible online news source with a staff that calls Richland County home.

Besides reporting the news, Richland Source also opens its doors to readers through engagement events like Newsroom After Hours and discussions on pressing issues in our community.

“I think the journalism combined with the general community emphasis of the organization have made a real impact,” Henry said. “I think the organization is definitely supportive of the community and what takes place here in our lives.”

Like Richland Source, the WOB Accountants and Advisors believes in the importance of supporting other small businesses and finding homegrown solutions.

Through its Open Source platform and solutions journalism coverage, Richland Source seeks to continuously dialogue with its readers and promote conversations that lead to powerful change. 

“I think it behooves the businesses that are located in this community to support each other in any way that they can,” Henry explained.

“I think a lot of the issues we face need to be faced and solved locally and that takes supporting each other, caring about each other, talking with one another and sharing with each other through news and in other ways.”

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