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MANSFIELD -- The NASA Super Guppy carrying the space capsule (which is headed to Plumbrook Station in Sandusky) is expected to touch down at Mansfield Lahm Regional Airport on Sunday, according to the airport's operations supervisor Mike Moore.

The Orion space capsule will be flown from Kennedy Space Center in Florida to Mansfield Lahm Regional Airport before departing for Sandusky for months of testing at Plum Brook Station. That's where the large thermal vacuum chamber creates the environment of outer space.

Jan Wittry, news chief at NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, said the parts landing a Mansfield Lahm Regional Airport will be the Orion crew capsule and its service module.

"The spacecraft is coming to Plum Brook Station for space environment testing in preparation for Artemis 1 which is set to launch in 2020," she said last month.

The Orion Spacecraft will be offloaded from the wide cargo plane — NASA's Aero Spacelines Super Guppy — in a protective transportation covering and positioned on a 135-foot truck, according to a statement public affairs spokesman Jimi Russell said in a statement released Friday.

The NASA aircraft is scheduled to land between 2:30 and 3 p.m., Moore said.

The public is invited to attend the plane landing.

"There will be a display of moon rocks and other things," Moore said.

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