Water meter

MANSFIELD -- In March, the City of Mansfield mailed to each customer an information packet regarding the new water meter installation project. At that time, the target date for beginning installation was April.

However, because of the COVID 19 pandemic, the installation process was paused and actual test installation, in fact, did not begin until late May. Full-blown installation has now began.

Suez, the company hired to carry out the project has retained a company called SGS/Aclara to do the physical installation of the new meters. SGS/Aclara has been sending out postcards, via USPS, requesting calls to make installation appointments.

However, calls setting up appointments is lower than anticipated. SGS/Aclara is a legitimate company associated with Suez and authorized by the City to carry out the new installation. Therefore, the City asked all customers to contact SGS/Aclara upon receipt of an appointment postcard.

The City, through Suez and SGS/Aclara is installing new meters in all it customer accounts which number more than 18,000, regardless of any current meter's age.

By City ordinance, all customers are required to have a new meter installed. Three basic requirements are needed for installation of the new meter: 1] an appointment, 2] the area around the current meter needs to be cleared for easy access, and 3] a person over 18 years of age needs to be present.

Meter changeouts on average are taking approximately 20 minutes. Again, SGS/Aclara personnel are connected with Suez and authorized by the City to install the new meters. Also all SGS/Aclara installers and vehicles are registered with the Mansfield Police Department.

As the Public Works Director, Dave Remy is encouraging residents and customers to take heed to any appointment request postcard received from SGS/Aclara by responding in a positive manner and calling 877-642-6633. All cooperation in assisting in getting this project completed will be greatly appreciated.

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