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MANSFIELD -- The Mansfield Division of Police is asking for the public's help as it investigates several burglaries that have occurred in the south-end of the city over the past month.

The area that is being targeted includes homes located within a 1-mile radius of the Cherryhill Neighborhood and comprises residences on Rambleside Drive, Betzstone Avenue, and along the Ridgewood Boulevard area.

At least 12 burglaries in this area were found to be similar in nature with entry being gained into the residences through unlocked doors and/or open windows, many with window screens being cut to gain entry. A review of the burglaries shows several are reported to be occurring overnight between the hours of 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

In nearly all of the burglaries, the victims were home at the time of the break-in and asleep. However, they awoke to their homes ransacked and items missing including cash, jewelry and credit cards.

"The suspect entered at least three homes on over the course of one evening last week as residents were sleeping," Capt. Shari Robertson said. "We have not been able to identify the suspect at this time but are asking for the public's assistance as it is clear he has no qualms about entering occupied homes and confronting the residents.

"So far, in two separate burglaries, victims have awaken and encountered the suspect in their bedrooms with one being assaulted about the head with an unknown object. In the other case, the victim was threatened by the suspect after he brandished an unknown weapon, prior to fleeing," Robertson said.

"The fact that he has acted so brazenly by entering homes without any sense of fear, is alarming and he should be considered dangerous given the previous assaults."

Robertson said Mansfield Police are asking that residents take the necessary safety precautions including, locking all windows and doors prior to going to bed. Any suspicious activity and/or persons should be reported as authorities continue to identify and locate the person responsible for these crimes.

Robertson said the suspect has been described as a White male wearing all black clothing including a black hoodie.

"We are asking that anyone who may have information about these burglaries or may have seen or be able to assist with the investigations to please call Major Crime Detective Richard Clapp at 419-755-9470," Robertson said.

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