Cops do good

A screen grab from Facebook.

MANSFIELD -- Jacob Oblak was in the middle of his patrol duties when he was called to help a man in a power-chair stranded on South Diamond Street on Thursday afternoon.

"We got a call about 5 p.m. to help a man I was familiar with," Oblak said. "The caller was concerned his battery was dead."

Oblak arrived at 568 S. Diamond St. and let the man rest in his cruiser with the air conditioning on. Oblak carried the chair over to a convenience store and plugged it in to an outlet to charge.

Later that day, a post published to Richland County Area News and Information, a news-gathering Facebook group, showing the good deed to the community. The post had 1,400 reactions and 120 comments as of Friday around 2 p.m.

"I posted the photo because it's important for everyone to see the good that police officers do in the community, even when they are under tremendous pressure most of the time," said David Murray, who posted the photo. "It's 2019, the power of cameras and cellphones are the new eyes and ears of our information sources from citizens.

"In a world full of negativity not only toward law enforcement, but just in general, it makes people happy to be able to see these kinds of pictures and gives them faith again that there are good men and women in uniform who go above and beyond for people in need no matter what their ethnic backround is.

"Also posting positive pictures like this can spark love from the community to help others such as the man that was stranded with his dead battery in his scooter."

People reacted with comments such as, "let's find out who he is and his scooter model number and buy him a new battery." Some posters stated this is not the first time the individual has been left stranded because his battery does not hold a charge long.

"I hope the officer gets recognized for this as well, everyone needs a pat on the back sometimes so they know they are doing a great job. Sometimes a little positivity goes a long way, and this community needs a lot more of, such as this photo."

Mansfield Police Capt. Doug Noblet said this is one example of the community policing Oblak and other officers do for their community.

"He's always done a fine job for the department," Noblet said. "It's exciting to see him get recognized for the good he does for the community. This is just an example of that."

Oblak, who has been with MPD since June 19, 2018, said he was happy the post got shared so the community could see the department's community policing in action.

"It's just another day on the job," he said. "I'm happy it got out there. We do a lot to help our community and I'm glad (the community) can see how we can help."

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