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The Mansfield Police Department has a new Driver Traffic Cone Program to help new drivers practice the maneuverability portion of the drivers' exam.

MANSFIELD -- The Mansfield Police Department has made it easier for teens with driving permits to practice for the maneuverability portion of the Ohio driver's exam.

The Teen Driver Traffic Cone Program is now available in the city, and it's free.

"We felt there was an opportunity where parents or guardians (over 18-years-old) can come and sign the cones out and (permitted drivers) can become more confident drivers in practice before they actually take the test," Police Chief Ken Coontz said.

Coontz said he hears complaints that parents don't have access to traffic cones, especially ones tall enough and visible enough for drivers.  The department has three sets of five cones available for check out over a 10-day period.


"When they come in, we'll hand them information on how to be a safe driver," he said.

Cones can be signed out Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 a.m. by contacting the Mansfield Police Traffic Section or by calling 419-755-9738.

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