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Nick Stevens was selected the Mansfield Police Department Officer of the Year for 2020.

MANSFIELD -- The Mansfield Division of Police was unable to have its annual Awards Banquet due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. However, Chief Keith Porch said he still wanted to recognize officers for all of their hard work.

The following officers and civilians were presented with awards after being nominated by their fellow peers during 2020.

Officer of the Year: Nick Stevens

Officer Stevens was appointed to the Division of Police in 2016. He is a graduate of Mansfield Senior High and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree from Ohio State University. He is currently assigned to the Community Services Bureau-Day Watch Patrol.

Officer Stevens routinely engages in voluntary community service by mentoring Mansfield’s youth at the Friendly House on a regular basis. His dedication to duty is consistently demonstrated through his hard work and devotion to the City of Mansfield and its citizens, undertaking all challenges in his daily job duties with compassion and poise.

Supervisor of the Year: Lt. Donnie Rhinehart Jr.

Lieutenant Rhinehart was appointed to the Division of Police in 2006. He was promoted to Sergeant in 2014 and then Lieutenant in 2019. He has excelled with his duties as a supervisor and offers exceptional support, training, and mentoring new sergeants and the younger officers.

He consistently strives to improve his shift’s overall performance, offering key information, recommendations, direction, and training. Lieutenant Rhinehart is a member of the Allied Special Operations Response Team (SWAT) and serves as a Field Training Officer Supervisor where he assists the F.T.O.’s in training the probationary officers.

Detective of the Year: Det. Richard Clapp

Detective Clapp was appointed to the Division of Police in 2005. He was assigned to the Detective Section in 2018. Since his time in the section, he has developed into an excellent investigator. He is a leader among his peer detectives and mentors the new detectives that have been assigned to the Bureau.

He also has taken on the role of arson investigator and works closely with the Mansfield Fire Department on arson investigations. In addition to his investigative responsibilities, he is a member of the U.A.S. Unit and the Honor Guard Unit.

Civilian of the Year: Mark Huckleberry

Mark Huckleberry started his career with the Division of Police in 2006 as a Telecommunicator with the Public Safety Communications Center where he served in that capacity until 2017 when he took another position within the City of Mansfield.

In 2019 he was chosen to be the Operations Supervisor for the Public Safety Communications Center. During his tenure as the Operations Supervisor, Mark has dedicated countless hours to improving the communications center through researching grants, increasing efficiency through budget management, hiring, retention, and facility upgrades.

He also created and implemented an intense dispatcher training program which has allowed newly hired dispatchers to reach the required standards of solo dispatching in less time than previously capable. With his leadership, the Public Safety Communications Center continues to serve the officers, the firefighters, and the citizens of the City of Mansfield in a professional manner.

Top Cop Award: Officer Travis Stantz

Officer Stantz was appointed to the Division of Police in December of 2014 and since that time he has worked on all three shifts in the Community Services Bureau.

He is currently assigned to Night Watch. He is a Field Training Officer and member of the Division’s Honor Guard Unit, the U.A.S. Unit, Bicycle Patrol, the Opiate Response Team and one of the Division’s A.L.I.C.E. (Active Shooter) Instructors.

In addition to his current assignment, he is a member of the Ohio Army National Guard and holds the rank of Staff Sergeant (E-6). He also is the head coach for the Madison Rams 8th Grade basketball team and coaches his son’s baseball team.

Top Cop Award: Officer Nolan Goodman

Officer Goodman was appointed to the Division of Police in 2015. He is currently assigned to the Community Services Bureau-Day Watch Patrol. He was recently selected to become a Field Training Officer as he is an informal leader among his peers on Day Watch.

He sets an example for his fellow officers and provides guidance to those officers with less experience than him. He consistently displays pride and professionalism and works hard at enhancing community relations and being a positive image for the Division of Police.

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