Firefighters swearing in

Five new firefighters were sworn in on Monday. From left: Safety Service Director Lori Cope, Firefighter Jason Allen, Firefighter Tyler Ackerman, Firefighter Hunter Shoup, Firefighter Trevor Arnold, Firefighter Michael Ranalli, and Fire Chief Steven Strickling.

MANSFIELD -- The swearing in ceremony for Firefighters Hunter Shoup, Trevor Arnold, Michael Ranalli, Jason Allen and Tyler Ackerman was brief and somber on Monday.

Mansfield Fire Department Chief Steve Strickling recognized the absence of family and friends that would typically be in attendance to support the achievements of these individuals.

“We are at war with an unseen enemy. Fear is an ally of the virus," Strickling said. "We will win the war as long as we conquer the fear. We will conquer the fear with facts. Facts are being learned everyday about this virus. We must learn those facts through training constantly.

"By keeping our fear in check we will do the most good for the most people. Dr. Acton, The Ohio Director of Health stated yesterday in her briefing when she ordered the Stay at Home order – 'I am not scared, I am determined.' All of us must remain determined to follow the guidance of the experts, continually train and remain true to the words of the oath that we took and you are about to take.”

Safety Service Director Lori Cope then administered the Oath:

I, (state your name), do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution and Laws of the United States of America, the Constitution and Laws of the State of Ohio, and the Laws and Ordinances of the City of Mansfield, Ohio; that I will perform faithfully the duties of Firefighter of the Fire Division, City of Mansfield, and that I will do my best at all times to save the lives and property of those under my protection, so help me God.

There were no handshakes, and no hugs, but there were heartfelt congratulations to each of these individuals.

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